Thursday, February 6, 2014

CNY traditions

I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, part of a rich community of traditions.  Being half Chinese, we celebrated Chinese New Year every year.  We drove to Kuantan (on the east coast of Malaysia) to have a reunion dinner with all the family there, complete with all the traditional dishes.  We chased down lion dances to catch a glimpse of them and were given ang pows (red packets) or lai see as they are called here in Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong is rich with traditions, too.  I love that those traditions are now part of my own children's upbringing, too.  

There are lots of superstitions that are part of the New Year celebration.  First and foremost, you are not allowed to sweep or clean during the first few days of the new year or else you'll sweep away all the good luck.  This means, all the cleaning must be done in the days leading up to the holiday.  The kiddos remind me of this every time I ask them to tidy up.

Another tradition is the color red. Red is used in decorating, in clothing, in just about everything.  It's an auspicious color so it's seen everywhere during Chinese New Year.

Finally (though there are many more, these are ones that stick with me) is to make sure to get a hair cut before the new year.  I desperately needed one, so this was a good reason to make sure to get it done before my week off.

Oddly enough, I received more compliments about my hair before it was cut than when it is first cut.  For me it is a sure sign that it's a good haircut.  It grows out well.  In these pictures it looks more like a pixie, which I could style fairly easily, too.  It's much shorter now.

I can't believe our week off is nearly over.  Sigh.

Outfit details: Thrifted Zara blazer, Get Redressed blouse, Stanley Market pants, charity shop/estate sale jewellery 

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