Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beanie on the town

If you follow me on Instagram (@imanorbyah), you'll know that I've been a bit beanie crazy lately.

Forgot to change the filter on my camera, but I kind of like how this one turned out.

So, what gives? What's with all the beanies? #pinkbeanieonthetown has gotten a lot of air time.

Well, it goes back to the topic of dressing down and looking casual, which I wrote about here.  I think a beanie is the perfect accessory to do just that.  And that could be why I have about four in my repertoire now.  Probably the most frequently worn beanie is this hot pink one along with my royal blue one, too.

Each are unique and different from each other.  This pink one is slouchy.  My blue one is tighter and thicker so it stands up tall when I wear it.  I have a neon yellow one with two ears (purely whimsical, which is why I bought it) and I just added a black one to my collection.  It is smaller and more like a skull cap.

The weather has been so beanie-friendly lately, that I've indulged in all of these in regular rotation.  With jeans, with dresses and skirts, even with heels!  Hello, NYFW showcased many a cute beanie and heels combo on the street.  See?

 Photo credits: Color Me Nana and Mr Newton  

If they can do it, why can't I?  At least for one more week before the humidity returns to Hong Kong and I have to tuck the beanies away till next year.  Sigh.

Outfit details: Vintage dress from Etsy (Vintspiration), hot pink beanie from some surf shop in Stanley, thrifted leather jacket, secondhand boots from Hardly Worn It (Facebook group)

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