Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hanging on a few more days before CNY holidays. I think I can do it, that's if the pollution doesn't get me down.  I can feel it in my throat. Here's a quick look at last week's chaos on my feed.  Follow along @imanorbyah

Stopped to appreciate the sunset peering around The Boathouse in Stanley. So glad I did.

Spirit week means dressing up. Historical figure day. Any guesses?

And for group day, a bunch of seniors decided to dress up as the Humanities department. Can you find me?

Spirit week ends with an amazing last lip sync from these wonderful seniors. A class like this one doesn't come along everyday. So positive and full of life.

Ella's cooking party for her 8th birthday this month.

Good friends and too much sugar!

Not #liftdoors, but #traindoors!

My coffee date.

Side swept.

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