Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Here's a look at some of the non-vomitty, non-chickenpoxy moments of our holiday. We managed to still enjoy the company of family and friends and celebrate Christmas cheer and hopes of a good new year.

The girls helped Paola with her Tangram clothing at her Christmas gift shop pop up.

There was lots of 'cousies' time.

I ventured out to neighborhoods I love, like this one in Wan Chai.

We made new decorations with mei li paperie.

I feel so lucky to have spent some good time with my uncle, even with his busy schedule.

A quick eating getaway to KL was much needed.

Can't remember the last time I went to a pasar malam (night market).

Though it felt brief, I got my fix of sister time. We really are a three headed monster.

A beautiful couple and their lovely traditional Malay wedding. Weddings always make me cry.

Bearded brothers reunite.

A lovely early New Years evening at Serge et le Phoque.

My big girl turned 8! How did that happen so quickly?

A Rosie the Riveter inspired #liftdoors #ootd.

Some DIY crafting of 'wooden humans' with Cally.

These two just melt my heart. Peas in a pod.

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