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Etsy Confessions: Heiress Vintage

I love when I meet Etsy sellers who are local to Hong Kong, like me.  The cute couple behind this brand new Etsy shop, Heiress Vintage, not only have great taste in vintage, but are also insanely talented dancers.  Dance was a huge part of my childhood, and it still is now since I advise my school's dance team, so it's fun to find someone who not only loves vintage, but shares other interests, too.  Like me, June loves vintage because of the story behind each piece.

Meet German and June of Heiress Vintage:

How would you describe yourself?
We're German and June- founders/ artistic directors/ errands runners/etc of Heiress, our online vintage store. German is a free-spirited dancer/ movie lover/ kidult who likes to think that he is cute. June is a dancer/ daydreamer/ floral and blue skies lover who believes that simplicity is beauty. Together we're a couple who appreciates the simple joys in life. (:

What are your interests? Your profession? Your aspirations?
Dance is our first love and our ever after. Collecting vintage clothes is my second love (June). German is super passionate about dance- dancing and choreographing. We're currently full-time parade dancers at Hong Kong Disneyland, and founders of Heiress- our online vintage store. Two of our many aspirations are 1) reaching out to/ sharing our passion for dance with more children who enjoy dancing but are deprived of the opportunity and means to learn dance 2) making Heiress a brand the Etsy community recognises, and making Heiress a brand known to the local vintage lovers in Singapore and Hong Kong, and (a little ambitious but) hopefully all over the world someday. Individual aspiration wise, German hopes to be able to open his own dance studio one day, while I simply hope to make the best out of every day, find meaning in my life and touch the lives of others.

Why did you decide to open a shop on Etsy? How long have you been on Etsy?
We've only been on Etsy slightly more than half a month, a newcomer in the community. Since stumbling onto Etsy while looking for the perfect/suitable platform to sell our vintage clothes, we quickly recognised that the Etsy community is an artsy and niche group of consumers. Hence, we promptly decided to open our shop on Etsy. 

Significance of Etsy shop name?
While brainstorming for our shop name, German randomly asked me why I love vintage clothes, and then I revisited the start of it all- my collection of vintage clothes over the past few years. And I was reminded that I grew to like vintage clothes because I appreciate the story behind each piece of vintage clothing. Every garment is valuable and precious to its previous owner in its own way, and when it is passed on to another, the new owner becomes an heiress after inheriting such a valuable item. Hence, the name Heiress. (:

Where do you source items for your shop?  What do you look for?
We source for items in shops selling vintage and second hand items in both Singapore and Hong Kong, and our vintage loots are mostly Japanese vintage. Very simply, we look for items that speak to us, or items we feel we can touch up or alter a little to make them look modern and/or young, and relevant to be worn today. For me, its mainly blue, white and yellow that attract me. I'm drawn to clothings with these colours, as well as clothings with sophisticated and unique designs. German, on the other hand, tends to look in the direction opposite to mine so that we can have a wider range of collection. He's interested in clothing with unique shapes and intricate details.

What do you like about Etsy?
We love Etsy for its minimalistic setting, for its efficient and established system- from listing an item to selling/purchasing. Last but not least, we love that the Etsy community overlaps with our target audience.

Heiress is offering a coupon code for my readers as a part of this Etsy Confessions interview.  The code is HRSSNORBYAH for 15% off all items purchased with a minimum spending of 90 USD.

Definitely stop by their shop and browse around and I promise you won't be disappointed. The pictures included show some of my favorite picks from their shop.

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so cute! thanks for sharing... didn't know of their shop... they have some cute things :)

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