Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brilliant Earth: Personality Style Challenge

The new year is bringing exciting opportunities my way.  Each week, it seems, my inbox has a new invitation waiting for me to accept and take part in, and it's thrilling!

Last week, I was contacted by Brilliant Earth to see if I would take part in their Personality Style Challenge.  They would send me personality style profiles and I would create a fashion style mood board.  They will select their three favorites to feature on Brilliant Earth's Pinterest board.  

My immediate response was, yes!!!  How much fun to try something new on the blog, to create a fashion mood board and take part in a style challenge.  I love it.  I couldn't wait to get started, even though I was a little intimidated about how I might actually create this collage.

When I got around to looking at the files they sent and started planning a style board, I was thrilled to discover more about Brilliant Earth.  They are a jewellery company with ethical practices and sustainability at the heart of who they are and what they do.  They make sure to source their diamonds and other stones ethically and from environmentally responsible suppliers.  They're concerned about the devastating impact jewellery mining has on our environment and on people. So, they donate 5% of their profits to communities who have been harmed by the jewellery industry.  It's definitely a company I can stand behind.  

Feel good fashion, people.  I'm all over it.  Thinking of a new series for the blog.

1. White vintage blouse from Ckshopper Vintage on Etsy
2 . The Promenade Earrings from Brilliant Earth
4. Boyfriend jeans from H&M
5. 18K White Gold Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth
6. Leather Block Heel Ankle Boot Sandal from Zara

I created my fashion style board for someone like me, a thrift store maven and vintage lover.  This is a casual yet classy look with femininity in the details; the lace of the blouse and the detail of the earrings. But it's sweetness is not too over-the-top because I balanced it with the slouchy destructed boyfriend jeans and the chunky black strappy sandals.  My favorite touch is the hat, to give it a bohemian feel.

I wish I actually had these pieces in my wardrobe so I could wear this outfit!  I hope you like it, too.

***Style board created using Pic Monkey

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