Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life of a mummy blogger

Well, it's not as glamorous as you think...

Ha! Ha! I knew you weren't thinking it was glamorous at all.  Actually, it's full of unexpected surprises.  That's because a mummy blogger's fashion staple is her kid accessories (I've begun to use this as a hashtag on my #liftdoors #ootd posts).

I have three.

And on any given day, I have at least one or two of them with me.  As you can see in the first few pictures, they even make appearances, accidentally.  Cally really wanted to give me a hug in the first picture (she couldn't wait) and Ella wanted to give me one of my favorite frangipanis.  She thought it would look good with my outfit.

The older two even assist me by taking many of my outfit pics for the blog.  I usually give them a little instruction about what kind of shots I'm looking for, and what I want included in the picture.  I do this by snapping one of them first so they can see how it should look.

The big boy enjoys these moments.  He yucks it up quite regularly.

They all know about my blog.  And about fashion related events.  And about outfit pictures.  And waiting patiently when I'm getting pictures snapped.  Or even giving me suggestions on locations and poses.  The girls even give me fashion tips.

One day, when we were in Causeway Bay admiring Christmas decorations, my big girl Ella pointed to a billboard in Times Square with street style photos on display.  With her eyes dazzling, she gasped, Mummy, look!  It's you!  You're famous!  It wasn't me at all.  But the fact that she thought it could be melted my heart. 

Many times, though, outfit pictures never get taken and posts never get written because of the busyness of life with kid accessories.  Art classes, swimming, ballet or rugby.  Sometimes there are school projects.  Or band and choir concerts.  Buddy's first one was Wednesday, well now that's an event!

And always, there's homework.

But somehow, with the support and enthusiasm of my kid accessories and, of course, an amazing hubby and mum, the life of a mummy blogger can be pretty good.

Hope you enjoyed this exclusive look behind the scenes!


cyeh said...

Super cute family :) Love how involved they are!

Unknown said...

loving the outfits!

Collections said...

I love this post! It's great how involved they get. I can imagine that kid accessories are the best.

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

this is just too sweet! i love how kids totally think their parents could be famous, and your little boy modeling and that they take your pics and give you tips. just adorable.

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