Monday, December 2, 2013


Trying to do this in the right order this week. Featured on the feed is the annual holiday tournament, some fun events, a glimpse of school and good family time.  And of course, lift door outfits pics.

Checking out the Christmas at Times Square.

The Trial of Malcolm X begins in class.

Hong Kong Dancers (I mean cheerleaders, haha!) at the Great American Texan BBQ.

Lift doors and Vic and Lily vintage.

Tangram for GOD launch in Hollywood Road, Soho.

Snuggles and books.

Local market in Shau Kei Wan.

The Dragons boys wins the Holiday Tournament (a long time coming)!

A real 90s look for the lift doors.

Men with beards.  It's a brotherhood, you know?

Family day in Stanley.

My friend Paola, the lovely lady behind Tangram.

Meat supervision should be left to the men.  Thanksgiving turkey, yum.

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