Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An obligatory post about this rainy weather

Haven't done one of these in a while because there hasn't been much to complain about in Hong Kong lately.  But, come on Hong Kong, what gives?  

Okay, I'll admit to the silver lining.  The rain has washed away some of the murkiness of the pollution we were beset with last week.  But now the rain won't stop! And, I'm cold!

My Wisconsin friends are laughing at me when I say that.  I know it.  But, so be it.  I've gone soft.  Still, it's unseasonably cool right now.  We usually don't feel this chill inside until after Christmas.

The shift in seasons is always so quick in Hong Kong.  You go from sweltering and sticky to chilly and damp in a flash.  We hardly get to enjoy a cool, crisp Fall.

I mean, I think these pictures are just three weeks old, when I was embracing being able to wear any kind of sweater or heavier fabric.  Now, I can't even think of wearing it.  I need sleeves, socks, layers!

Oh, but enough grumbling.  I'm starting to sound Grinchy.  I love this top that I got from the Etsy shop Honeybees and Daisies (you can read my interview with her here).  It's got a flattering fitted shape and the color combo is so perfect for Fall.  It's that black and brown combination I was speaking of before when I confessed to my new found love of brown.

The Christmas holidays are nearly here.  The last day of school is tomorrow.  My favorite season is upon us and I cannot wait!


Collections said...

You look so stunning. I love that lip color on you.

Putri said...

I love love that blouse Porker!

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