Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's in a color, anyway?

I have to admit, brown was never my favorite color, which seems an unfair judgement on my part.

As with my love/not love (I can't say I ever hated it) relationship with navy, I'm finding that I've also come around to love brown.

Firstly, I feel like much more these days, that cardinal sin I used to stick so closely to in college of not wearing brown and black together doesn't hold true anymore.  I have often paired a brown belt or shoes with something black.  Or worn brown and black directly together in a print or on a sweater (outfit post on that coming soon).

Where I previously used to think that brown didn't look good on me because of my skin tone or hair color, I now tend to think that, if it's the right shade, it works quite well.

I've also realized that brown compliments many other colors that I really love.  Blue, red, green...the list goes on.  

I initially passed on this dress from Vic and Lily because of my previous hesitation towards brown (even though the green jade-like buttons were just perfect).  I was glad that it was still there a couple of months later when I stopped at her stall at Island East Market one Sunday.

What a silly girl I was to realize this affinity for the color brown so late!

p.s. Have a look at the newest addition to our graffiti wall on the rooftop.  It's the hubby's first attempt and that is Joe Strummer's face, by the way.


Unknown said...

I love brown :) :) It's earth and calming and makes me feel good :) I love your shoes btw - so much!

Unknown said...

that dress + those shoes= the cutest combo ever! you look adorable.

Lady à la Mode

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