Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For the birds

Novelty prints are my favourite.  Hot air balloons, safety pins, cassette tapes, horse and carriage, cats and carousel horses.  Those are all prints I've worn before.

Bird prints are possibly my favorite of all.  I know they're really trendy right now, but I've long been fond of bird prints.

Maybe it's the idea of flight and unlimited freedom that birds seem to embody that I like.  Maybe there's nothing that deep at all.

I've really been enamoured with vintage bird prints lately, you know, those scientific bird drawings that you'd expect to find in books about bird species.

Then there's the whimsical nature of some novelty prints that I adore.  Take this blouse with it's parakeets wearing bow ties and top hats.  I mean, really.  So cute!

Coupled with the fact that there's the detail of the asymmetrical peter pan collar and the fact that I got it for free at Swap and Shop (and it's silk!!!), and it's the perfect bird print for me!

***Forgive my long silence.  I was away for a Dance festival in Beijing.  Struggling to get back into the routine, but I'll get there.

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