Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall, is that really you?

 When I wore this outfit last week, we were just starting to get a glimmer of cooler mornings.  I felt confident that I'd be okay with the sweater tank.  Then, when I stepped outside, I was shocked.  The breeze was really cool and I felt like I needed another layer!

 The only other hint of Fall in this outfit are the colors.  The bronzy trim in the sweater, the oxblood (on trend, ha!) in the skirt.  Both pieces are slightly heavier in their construction than what I'd normally wear in the humidity of Hong Kong.

I feel like my blog lately could be an ode to Me & Gee.  The last few outfit posts have come from there, like this skirt.  The top was from the Redress HK Event several weeks ago.  I love it.  The necklace was a sweet gift from my friend Scarlett in Stanley.

Now, as I look at the week ahead, I know I really will have to layer.  Oh the possibilities!  

My big boy is off on school camp the next three days.  It will be quiet without him.  Even as he tries my patience and we find ourselves colliding so much more these days, he really is my sweet boy.  I want to hang onto that for always.

Then there's Cally.  I think I need to dedicate an entire post, very soon, to all the conversations I've been having with her lately.  She cracks me up.  She was our silent observer while the hubby took these outfit pics.  When we finished, she said Mummy, what were you doing?  You need to take your pictures like this!  And proceeded to demonstrate.

She was clearly not impressed with the ones we took.  

Case in point; this outtake. 

Go ahead and have a laugh at my expense.  I give you permission.  I look like a halfwit.


The Photogramps said...

I always love the shape and silhouettes of your looks. They're so uniquely "you"! The color on that skirt is amazing!

Unknown said...

ummmm hellllo amazing dark lips! obsessed with that color on you---wear it more often! especially since it's fall! also love your messy waves!

Lady à la Mode

Kremb de la Kremb said...

I love absolutely everything about this outfit: the colors, the earrings, the necklace, the contrast on the sweater, EVRAYTHANG!


Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

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