Sunday, September 22, 2013

Waiting for Usagi

 Here's a random thought on this wet Sunday while we sit and wait for Super Typhoon Usagi (rumored to be Hong Kong's biggest this year):

What is it that I love so much about wearing vintage?  I don't know exactly.  I think, in part, it's the idea of giving an otherwise discarded garment new life.  To reuse rather than buy new.  Helping the environment, let's say.

But that's not entirely all of it.

I'm a details person.  I bought a jacket once because I liked the lining.  Of course, I liked the jacket, too, but the lining sold me.  With vintage, it's the buttons.  

This vintage dress from Vic and Lily's shop is a perfect example.  The buttons are these gorgeous square shaped grey and gold beauties.  You just can't find buttons like that anymore.

Don't forget to visit her shop and use the code VICLILY2 for a special discount before the end of the month. 

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