Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's just Tuesday???

Why do some weeks fly while others seem to drag?

I really don't know, but this week is dragging. 

I need to just fast forward about two weeks and then I think things might settle down.  Patterns and routines will be established, and I might actually feel like my head isn't spinning.

Not complaining too terribly though.  Everyone is healthy and happy.  The school year is off to a splendid start and that's good.

I'm excited about my ensemble today and here's why.  I found this blouse and skirt tucked away on a rack marked $20 HK in Stanley Market.  The elastic in the skirt was shot, so I had my lovely seamstress mend that and take the hem up above my knee (it was a midi skirt).

Voila! New life into an otherwise discarded set.  Repurposed, if you will.  I love when that happens.  Oh, I got a lovely invite this morning from Christina Dean over at Redress HK (an NGO making fashion and sustainability their mission) for their VIP launch on Thursday.  If you haven't checked out what she's doing, please do.  It's really inspiring.


Unknown said...

I'm in love with this dress! and love that you paired a chunky brown belt with it... and those shoes! dying for them.

Lady à la Mode

Beauty Follower said...

Lovely shoes!


Collections said...

I love finding vintage clothes and then taking them to the dry cleaner to make them my own! Love this.

Kremb de la Kremb said...

Lovely! That's an awesome score! $20!! For both or each?

We're on the same wave lengths with our posts today!! Here's to redressing!! A x

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

cute dress! I love the shoes too
And yes, is it only Tues?? SIGH


Unknown said...

Lovely dress! As much as I want to wear 40s and 50s all the time it really isn't practical! Pieces like this is always more reliable!

Unknown said...

I need to find a seamstress. It seems like they can work clothing miracles. Diddo on the forward past two weeks. Something about this time of year is so . .. transitional. Need to get to Halloween.

You've been traveling around a bunch, too - so it's understandable you're a bit unsettled!

Love the way you belted it, and the necklace is ace. Great photos too - no matter by who, where, or when they were taken ;)

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