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Etsy Confessions: Honeybees and Daisies

Back in the early days of summer, I stumbled onto Kayla's Etsy shop, Honeybees and Daisies and fell in love with a gorgeous pair of high waisted red shorts, seen here.  I browse Etsy often enough to find many pieces that I love, but when I find a whole shop, that's special.  It's really a gut instinct.  Once I click onto the "visit shop" button, I can tell almost right away.  Kayla's shop did that for me, so I reached out and asked her if I could feature her in my Etsy Confessions series.  I was amazed with the care and detail that she put into her responses. What a sweet lady!  I love how Etsy fosters this personal connection between people because every exchange between buyer and seller is called a conversation.

How would you describe yourself?
If I had to put “me” into words, I would say that at the core, I am an old soul who loves soaking in and learning from life. I would be lying if I didn’t also tell you that I love wearing (and decorating the house with) vintage treasures that have stories, being around good-humored and uplifting people (like my hubby of 3 years), and I so value the relationships with my dear friends and family. Bottom line: I am a lover : ) I have also been described as a combination of Amy Pohler and Tine Fey with a healthy dose of good ol’ original me…humor is a saving grace in life, so I assume that is what people are referring to with those comparisons (I hope I am something like those two ladies, I think they are genuine and hilarious).

What are your interests?
I simply love photography, encouraging people, health (cooking, hiking, yoga-ing), good jokes and puns, DIY projects, futzing in my “garden” (comprised of succulents because they are hard to kill, 3 to-date fruitless strawberry plants, and a surviving day-by-day tomato plant held up by twine and an old tennis ball cage…I wish I was joking!), listening to and creating music, drinking good wine (and beer too!) and what would I possibly be without my thrift/swap meet/estate sale therapy?!  

Your profession?
I am so incredibly blessed and humbled when I think about this. I get to do all the things that I love as my crazy entrepreneur self! With lots of prayer and hard work I feel that I am finally settling into what I was made to do, which is 5 things! I know it sounds crazy, but it is perfect for me! I am grateful for my equal parts business-mindedness paired with my artsy-fartsy side, with a dash of crazy to hold it all together : )

I own and do all the little things that go along with running my online ETSY shop, Honeybees & Daises, which is dedicated to bringing the good ol’ days to today for Men and Women through vintage clothing, accessories, and housewares. My adopted motto is that "’they’ just don't make things like they used to!" Grandma was right, once again : ) The heart behind Honeybees & Daisies Etsy shop is to connect men and women with great and lasting items that make them feel more confident in their always evolving style, and helping their lives represent the awesome creatures that they are.

I am also a wedding, portrait, and landscape photographer where I have the honor of being a part of some of the most important days of people’s lives as well as get to explore beauty in the world too with my landscape photography.

In addition to those, I am a wine tasting room manager for a great winery in Avila Beach, CA where I get to meet new and exciting people every day! Everyone has a story and wine sure helps people tell it : )

On top of that, I am a photo editor for a company that is dedicated to editing wedding photographers images to their full-potential worldwide. I love that the company I work for donates a percentage of their proceeds to missionaries around the world each month!
Last, but certainly not least , I am a musician. I sing, play piano, guitar, the Harmonium, and a little red toy piano from time to time in a San Luis Obispo, CA based band, The Simple Parade. We (my husband, the front-man, and our friends and fellow musician’s, Lance and Shawn) are launching our official Facebook page (that’s when you know you are legit!) : ) at the beginning of July and are so excited for this next journey. We all come from previous bands and musical backgrounds and are stoked to be able to bring our alternative blues/ folk/singer-song-writer music to the world! Stay tuned for tour dates, music, etc.

Why did you decide to open a shop on Etsy?
I opened my ETSY shop for a few reasons, but the main one was that the management job that I had for 4 years prior to my opening the Honeybees & Daisies ETSY shop was coming to an end (the owner of that company needed to take back my position due to her family’s financial situation) and it left me questioning what was next on the horizon for me. After some very clear “No’s” from some jobs I had applied for, I decided to take a step back and assess myself instead of getting frustrated at the pending situation I was in (job ending with nothing on the horizon). It was then that I asked myself, “Kayla, if you are honest with yourself, what do you want to do?!” That is when I allowed myself to get back in touch with my “Art-Fart” side as I so eloquently refer to my creative side as. Once I decided to pursue my loves (all the above jobs I mentioned above), and not fight against those natural bends, is when I felt like life took a big “Ahhhh” sigh for me. I didn’t realize how much my previous job was taking form me until I found myself again. Sometimes we need a good kick out one door so we have to walk, run, or crawl through another, better, one. That is when Honeybees & Daises was born!

I also wanted to start a job that I could continue to do once my husband and I decide to have kids. I like being able to pour myself into something that I hope to be doing for a while.

How long have you been on Etsy?
Only since February 15th, 2013

How did you choose your Etsy shop name?

On the surface, I wanted a name that was inviting, and Honeybees & Daisies hit the spot for me. I also wanted to pick a name that made people feel happy and welcome in addition to having a little deeper meaning as well. Let me breakdown The Honeybees & Daisies for you, you might get more than you asked for, it is about to get real up in here : )

I am a firm believer that life is full of moments that have the potential to “sting” like a bee, be beautiful and carefree as a daisy, or even be both at the same time…I know, complicated, right?! Not to forget that we need the honeybees (potential pains) for honey (the sweet stuff) and pollination (growth) to keep the daisies (us) alive and fabulous. Welcome to life and the journey.

Where do you source items for your shop?
Swap meets, thrift stores, estate sales, friends, and usually my own closet once a month too. Lots and lots of hunting for little treasures!

What do you look for when buying items for your shop?
I look for well-made funky vintage pieces that are in good-awesome condition. I always go with my gut on things. If something is on the border of funky and freaky, I ask myself if I would wear it. If I would, then all my “Crazy Daisies” (ETSY shoppers) get their chance to take it home and make is fabulous!

What do you like about Etsy?
I love how easy it is to navigate, the small fees, and most of all, the great people that seem to be on ETSY (like you!). I feel like I make friends with my customers around the world. I also love how it brings so many creative people together in one place; its great to be a supporter and be supported by the ETSY staff and vendors.

Check out Kayla's Etsy shop (linked above) as well as her Facebook pages:
Honeybees and Daisies Photography
Vintage clothing

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This is such a great etsy store! She has some incredible stuff there.

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