Friday, September 27, 2013

Black and blue, but not really

TGIF!  That is all I have to say right now.  I feel like I have made it through an insanely long week.  Coming down with a cold on Tuesday didn't help, either.

This Friday is especially good because it marks the beginning of our half term break and tomorrow, we're taking the family to Fiji!

So excited. The hubby booked a surprise trip for us back in March and I cannot believe it's already here.  The kiddos are super pumped.  They've been talking all about it this week.  My big girl Ella cannot wait to meet the rugby players (wait till she learns that they're all rugby players and could potentially play on the sevens team).  Little Cally has been going around saying Bula Fiji! Buddy is psyched to see the village where I've stayed before when bringing students over.

And, I can't wait to share this place with my family.  It does hold a special place in my heart because the people there are so loving and so full of life.  I can't wait for them to see what I've been talking about.  And likewise, for the villagers to meet my family.

I thought I better post these outfit pics from last week before we leave.  It was the day after I had my haircut again (shaved the other side) and I was in Stanley for the girls' art run.  I miss being able to come into Stanley so often, but I do love my Primal workout.  It makes me feel stronger and healthier so that's all good.  

The breeze in this alleyway was just perfect for blowy hair pics.  Ha!  And, I could actually wear pants last week without being too hot (these ones are my favorite blue color).   I really do miss the crisp fall days.  While I watch my favorite bloggers wearing jackets and cardigans, I'm still working up a sweat when I climb all the stairs to work!

Outfit details:  Five Stones Vintage top, blue silk vintage pants from Brooklyn, necklace from charity shop in IL, Miu Miu heels thrifted from Salvation Army.


brummygem said...

Fiji! Am so jealous. Have a wonderful time - will be so special to share the experience with your family. Hoping to see photos of the trip on your blog when you get back! xx

Unknown said...

I love cobalt blue a lot, it brightens the entire outfit. Always admire your retro style with golden jewelry!

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