Thursday, August 1, 2013

Half a lifetime

Last Thursday, the hubby and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage at the wedding of some friends in Estes Park, Colorado.

We spent a glorious three days surrounded by the breathtaking views of Estes Park, on a lovely mini-vacation with just our little family.  We toured a national park, went horseback riding on a trail and spotted lots of wild animals, concluding with a black bear!  It was perfect.

Our girls were asked to be flower girls in the wedding and they were especially thrilled when the dresses the bride picked were these fluffy tulle ones.

Even my big boy got dressed up (or at least as dressed up as he gets).  Actually, he wanted to wear a bow tie, but we couldn't really find a good one for him.  Next time...

Everything about the wedding was amazing, down to every little detail.  Despite the greatness of the mountains, it was a cosy, intimate affair.  And we were so touched that in the bride and groom's welcome at the reception, they made a special mention of our anniversary.  We sat at a table with our neighbours from Hong Kong and toasted together.  I loved every minute.

Aside from the bride and groom, I think everyone's favorite part of the day was watching these little flower girls.  I mean, they were sooo cute!

This anniversary is a special one, though.  You see, though it's been fifteen years that we've been married, it's been half a lifetime that I've been with Joey.  We met when I was just nineteen, way back in college.  And, this year, I've known him and loved him for nineteen years.  Honestly, take a did I get so lucky?

The dress I wore for the wedding was a special vintage number from the Etsy shop I just featured, Five Stones Vintage.  I can't even begin to chose what my favorite part of this dress is.  All I know is that when I put it on and the hubby just said, Wow, I knew I had a winner.

Accessories for this outfit just came together naturally over the course of the summer.  The lion head necklace (which is also a belt) also came from Etsy from a shop called VezaVe.  The Brooklyn sister gave me a sweet Mother's day gift card to Etsy (did you know you could do that?) and I used it to get this necklace.  The other accessories (purse, earrings, bracelets) have been bought on my many charity shop/estate sale rummaging trips.

I'm not afraid to admit I'm addicted to thrift shopping.  I'll miss it when we head back to Hong Kong this weekend.

***The kiddos wanted to help with my outfit pics this time....we ended up taking a picture with each one.


cyeh said...

Gorgeous Fam!!! :)
Miss you!

Tash said...

Love love love! x

Vivienne said...

Love this! You look beautiful Norbyah.

five stones vintage said...

You look so stunning in the dress!

Unknown said...

Norbyah, you look beautiful!! Joe looks very handsome...and the kids are precious!!! It was so great seeing you guys and by the way, Happy Anniversary!!!! Have a safe trip back to Hong Kong and we look forward to seeing you next summer!

Kremb de la Kremb said...

What a beautiful post! Besos, Ann

Collections said...

congrats to 15 years thats incredible! Your girls looked so sweet in those dresses

Unknown said...

OK you have the cutest family ever! your girls are precious and your son (and husbers) are so stylish!

Lady à la Mode

Emily said...

Happy anniversary to you two! What a special way to reminisce, going to a friend's wedding! You look so pretty it's ridiculous. That green dress is beautiful, and you styled it in such a gorgeous way. I love the belt-as-necklace idea. Your girls are so utterly adorable! Those poofy dresses are so much fun. (: Following you on Bloglovin'!

May the Force be with you.

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