Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blogger preview at ABNS

 When I got an invite to get a sneak peek at the Fall collection for A Boy Named Sue's shop, I was super excited.  I love the sustainable and eco conscious mindset that my friends Tania and Sam are promoting with their online shop.  All of the designers featured in their collection are mindful of the environment and have sustainability an eco-consciousness at heart when they created their pieces.

This new designer Svilu is one that stands out for me in their collection for Fall.  You'd never believe, for example, that this gorgeous plaid skirt isn't actually made from wool.  Tania and her friend Diana asked me to guess, and as I touched the fabric, I was surprised to hear that it had been made from recycled plastic bottles!

Each of Svilu's garments has information about it's composition on the tag.  I love this.  Total transparency.  When I saw that the oxblood jumper I liked was made from discarded scraps of wool from previous seasons, I was practically inspired to dig through my bag of wool scraps to see what I could create.

Inviting bloggers into her home and converting it into the showroom was also a lovely idea.  It was intimate and relaxing.  Sitting enjoying tea and champagne with some Niche gluten-free cupcakes while chatting about who the designers are and how they align with A Boy Named Sue's vision was a lovely end to a hectic work day.

As a bonus, I also played with Tania's three little sausage dogs.  Oh. So. Cute.  

Looking forward to the official launch and hopefully catching up with Sam since I missed her yesterday.  Haven't seen her since NYC!


Kremb de la Kremb said...

Recycled bottles! RAD!! That's really cool.

A x

Unknown said...

always love a label with a cause! Great post.


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