Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The big reveal

I've been keeping a secret, people.  It's kind of exciting and now I can tell you!

A big part of what has made our summer busy this year is this...we bought a house!

We moved away from Madison seven years ago and when we did, we sold our house.

Despite the fact that we sold our physical home, Madison was always a nostalgic home for us.  Our two older children were born there, we started our married lives there, and many of our friends are there.

So it seemed only natural that one day, we'd own something there again.  

As of yesterday, we are now officially homeowners, again.  This time to this sweet little home on a quiet dead end drive, across from a creek, close to downtown and all the things we love about Madison.

The process itself took most of the summer, but we're delighted that it's all complete and it's really ours.  

Now we can start the process of making it our second home.

***Pictures all taken on the day of our home inspection in June.


Putri said...

Sooo happy for you guys and cannot wait to come visit and get that house really warmed up!

Collections said...

This is so awesome, congratulations! The house looks beautiful.

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