Sunday, July 28, 2013


I realized yesterday, after the hubby brought it up, that we head back to Hong Kong in just a week!  Wow, I can't believe the summer has just whizzed by.  It's been a busy one, but fun also.  Here's a look at my Instagram feed over the last few weeks since I last wrote one of these posts.

I had a lovely meet up with fellow blogger Gaby Monsanto of Fashionable Collections.  She gave me some wonderful recommendations for things to do in the Hamptons and I am looking forward to hanging out with her again next summer!

Leaving NYC via the Williamsburg bridge.

Buddy tries out a few dreadlocks.  One formed by itself because of this boy's sleep patterns and aversion to brushing.

An #ootd featuring a sister hand-me-down and my new Brooklyn Charm monocle necklace.

Trail riding on Quigley at Estes Park.  It's the best way to see Estes, for sure!

Celebrating fifteen years of marriage with the hubby.

The puffball flower girls.  Oh, so lovely.

And, my groom, fifteen years later.  What a sight!  He still gives me butterflies when I see him.  The wedding we attended was on our wedding anniversary, a perfect way to celebrate.

Catching up with my best bud from college, like no time had passed.

The wedding venue.  Can you imagine anything more glorious than the beauty of nature?

Another #ootd post, this time featuring a #fairtrade dress from a new boutique in Madison called Change.  Headed out to see Grease.

Follow along to see the rest of our summer travels @imanorbyah

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Collections said...

ahhh loved meeting you and can't wait to spend time together next summer! your girls look so cute in their outfits and I love your monocle necklace from brooklyn charm ( one of my fave places as well)

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