Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seersucker in Stanley

Yep, Etsy Addict.  I admit.  This vintage gem comes from Five Stones Vintage.

It's a perfect little summer number, off white seersucker with the red piping.  I especially love the pleats in the front.

The hubby and I went exploring again; this time around the corner from my little corner alley.

We wandered into this back alley, which actually seemed to be someone's bathroom? kitchen? Not sure.  

Whatever, it was, it was charming.  There was a door with a rubber chicken door bell and that sweet blue mirror above a paint chipped barrel sink.

I love these little local neighbourhoods. Where the real people of Stanley live.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of exploring here.

Only one and a half days left till Summer!  Can't wait.  

I do have a few summer projects.  First, I've got a series I'm working on called Etsy Confessions in which I'll share a shopping guide and some of my favourite shops.  Next, I'm going to try to design a business card.  And here's a new one; the hubby says I need to work on my posing.  Where should I start?

Outfit deets:  Five Stones Vintage dress (Etsy), Nine West shoes (also Etsy), belt buckle necklace from Brooklyn Charm, skinny belt from Stanley Market, earrings from the Salvo in Stanley (now closed).


Unknown said...

YES. This is perfect. I love love love the neckline. It's so modern with its straight minimalistic lines. Amazing that it's vintage. Just proves, once again, what goes aroundcomes around.

Love your left hand in your last picture. THat little OK sign is so cute!

Best hair ever, too. Always nailing it.


Norbyah said...

Thanks love, you're too kind.


five stones vintage said...

Oh I was looking forward to the full-length shot! You look great in the dress & that alley's wonderful - i love the blue mirror shot. :)

Kremb de la Kremb said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours yet! Beautiful! Love it!!

brummygem said...

that dress looks lovely on you! and i love that skinny belt with it.

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