Sunday, June 23, 2013

Off the radar

Apologies for the silence this last week.  I've been busy not being busy.  Ooh, it feels good to say that.

We took a wee trip up to Madison, WI to visit friends and take care of some family business and now, I'm up in Putney, VT for a workshop.  

By Wednesday, I'll be in NYC.  Crazy moving around.  I think I've counted five states in a week.

Anyhow, I'll just leave it at that and fill in details as needed later.  I really have to make a move on my Etsy Confessions series before summer gets past me.  I also want to invite you to check out my reviews at Yap HK.  In my last review, I stopped in at Square Street, a sleek little shop near Poho and Hollywood Road.  Check it out here.

Finally, if you haven't already done so, you should make sure to switch over from Google Friend Connect (which will go poof as of July 1) and move to Bloglovin'.  I hope that you'll join me there.  It's really very easy to do and the directions can all be found here.  I'm already on Bloglovin', see?

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few pics from our summer so far.  It's all backyard and relaxing with friends and family.  

Just perfect.


Unknown said...

it's the best being busy with NOTHING! These pictures are precious - your fam is so cute!

Lady à la Mode

Alma Boheme said...

lovely girls!

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