Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Monday muu muu and Topshop hits HK!

Not a flattering title, is it.  Nope.  And quite frankly, not a flattering name for a dress, right?

Cracking up at my hubby's antics.

It's not what I'd call my dress since I rather like to call it a maxi dress, but it's undeniably similar to a muu muu. (Is that even how you spell it?)

I found this gem (at least I think it is) in Stanley Market, in one of my favorite stores to go thrifting.  At the big Sun and Moon.  The hubby and I both love popping in there to see what new shipment of surplus goodies they've delivered.  And with the exception of one sleeve-length mishap (a hilarious story), I've always found amazing, even name brand items.

This dress intrigued me when I first saw it because of it's length.  I really love flowy long dresses.  Secondly, I admired the two different fabric choices (grosgrain ribbon for the straps contrasting the fabric of the dress).

But the kicker, my major weakness in trying on dresses, came when I reached along the sides and there were pockets.  Sold!  Try to forget that I think I actually look preggers in some of these shots.  I really like this dress and that's all that matters, I guess.  And, I didn't get too many looks when I wore it on Monday.  

In other exciting news, the Topshop HK fashion truck made a stop at my school today.  What a thrill to have it make an appearance here.  The big girl and I stopped in and got some fun goodies.

 Have a peek on my Instagram @imanorbyah to see the Topshop HK fuss at our school and the fun Ella had with her free gift.

 Outfit deets:  Stanley market dress, vintage Native American bear claw necklace, Steve Madden boots


Unknown said...

Your balcony is amazing! I think your dress would look really cute with a belt as well :)

Putri said...

so beautiful porker. love you

Unknown said...

It looks sooo comfy! and I love that you pair it with turquoise... gorgeous!

Kremb de la Kremb said...

Love this dress! And, being the librarian that I am, I checked on the name of this dress. You are correct--only it's one word, muumuu. Love it!! And yes to the pockets!

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