Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jetlag stinks

After a long journey, complete with a five hour layover in Seoul, and a final destination of Ohare Airport in Chicago, we made it to little old Oglesby.

The first half of this week was hectic, so I didn't get a chance to post these outfit pics from a little sneaky picture taking session with Jackaline Tang.  It was a last meet up with my vintage Etsy sister before the long summer.

Stanley was madness, as the businesses and clubs were ramping up for the Dragon Boat races.  And, we were catching up over lunch and then decided to brave the crowd for pictures.  I was glad that she came along because she made some pose suggestions (thanks to feedback from the hubby about needing to pose better).  I'm not sure that I look any better, but it's something fresh and it was fun.  Definitely a work in progress.

On top of this, it was super hot and humid.   We were sweating bullets!!!

Despite all this, we didn't let it hurry us along. Sometimes I feel possessive when it comes to Stanley...we lived right in Stanley for our first three years and it's still very much our hood.  So, to see it taken over by the madness is annoying.  All those others can make me feel like a stranger in my own hood.  And that's disorienting.

Jackie thinks this one is a good Katy Perry impersonation.

Almost as disorienting as this jet lag.  Oh, and the first day is rubbish.  I hate it.  I'm nodding off as I type, so apologies if I'm incoherent.

Outfit deets:  skirt, bra and headband and dress all from American Apparel, shoes are Converse 

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