Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend shorts

There are two things I'm really looking forward to this summer.

One is painfully obvious from these pictures...getting a tan!

The other...wearing some cute summer shorts.  Little silky ones, lightweight cotton ones, denim cutoffs...oh the possibilities are endless!

I grabbed these chambray shorts on sale at American Apparel last summer.  I can't wait to browse the racks when I hit NYC this summer.  Hong Kong finally has our own American Apparel shop in LAB Concept at Queensway Plaza, but for now the selection is limited.  I love American Apparel for the kiddos, too.

This shorts outfit was just the perfect thing for running between rehearsals for our HKD end of year dance showcase and Chai Wan Mei Open Studios event today.  We visited my friend Paola at her Tangram Showroom,  photographer Michael Wolf's studio (he takes great photographs of buildings around Hong Kong), and Bread Elements.  The girls loved the fun bon bon necklaces and turbans at Tangram, and they all loved the gallery.  Ella even left a little art work behind.  Both the photographer and the gallery manager were so sweet with the kiddos, allowing them to draw, to interact with some of the collections of stones, statues, etc.  And of course, the hubby was in bread heaven when we went to the bakery.  Amazing.

Chai Wan is such an up and coming location for all things artsy and creative.  Many designers have their studios there and there are lots of galleries popping up, too.  I wish we'd had more time to check out the other spots, too.

Outfit details:  American Apparel shorts, Topshop tank, Steve Madden boots, Michael Kors watch, neon necklace from Stanley Market (such a goldmine!), bag from Papua New Guinea (a bilim)


Collections said...

that necklace is fabulous as are those boots!

Unknown said...

& looking forward to hanging out!!

e-mail me at gpedriani [at]

so pumped!


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