Thursday, May 30, 2013

The race to the finish

As the school year winds down, it actually seems to rev up. 

My dancers finished their showcase and we've said our goodbyes to seniors and departing members.  The senior students have presented their year-long projects.  There are three short class days before exams and graduation, and then we're through!

In there somewhere, we have to find time to pack for our summer, and there are many more farewells to be shared.  It's manic.  I think the only thing keeping me sane is the fact that I know as soon as we get to our summer vacation, we can just stop.  Well, after a fifteen hour flight, that is.

I say all that to provide explanation for what may appear to be negligence to this space and some sporadic (and perhaps incoherent) posts.

The hubby snapped these outfit pics in the dying hours of daylight on Monday (which lasts much longer these days).  The settings on my camera were off at first, so I decided to play with those pictures with some editing tricks in iPhoto.  I have much to learn, but it's fun to play.

Outfit details:  thrifted chambray blouse (Goodwill), vintage belt (10 Foot Stella Dallas in Brooklyn), Matiko sandals, and DIY (with help) sarong skirt - made from the fabric of a men's sarong.

Packing for a long summer can be tricky.  I always over pack, we end up buying stuff, and I usually feel like I'm wearing the same few things (and forgetting what I've brought).  The only tip I've found to be successful is to bring a good selection of accessories to change things up.  But still, it's seven weeks.

Any packing tips you'd like to share?


brummygem said...

I always really admire that necklace of yours! On the last day of our last trip, I took one photo of everything I'd brought, then another of everything I'd actually worn (about half, if even that), just to remind myself next time I pack because I *always* bring way more than I actually wear - even when I think I'm being frugal! Have a safe trip and a wonderful summer xx

Unknown said...

Go with an empty bag! It allows for more purchases along the way;P

A x

Collections said...

that skirt is BEAUTIFUL I can't believe its a DIY!

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