Friday, May 17, 2013

Shades of pale

The last time I wore this blush colored vintage lace skirt, I paired it with charcoal grey (seen here).

I thought that, given the delicateness and femininity of the lace, pairing it with a contrasting color and strong accessories would create a nice balance.  And, I liked it.

But I've been seeing a lot of white on white cropping up in blogs lately.  Or pale color layered over pale color.  So at the last minute as I was getting ready to head out, I changed it up and decided to wear the cream colored silk blouse instead.

I like this look, too.  I think the cream color of the silk blouse helps to accentuate the hint of color in the skirt.  I think when I wore it with grey, the skirt seemed much more off white than blush.

The scarf was the perfect end of the day addition (I really just added it for the pictures).  It was given to me by a student in my last period class.  Such a sweet gift, just to thank me for helping him.  Being a teacher does have it's perks (and by that I mean the kids).

I'm just trying something new with these large horizontal pictures.  Not sure if I'm sold.  Let me know what you think.  I usually just keep the vertical ones large.

Pictures had to be taken quickly (both because of the fading sun and the mozzies biting)!  I wish I knew a bit more about photo editing.  I like dusk for taking pictures (the golden hour), but then my face ends up looking like it's in a shadow.

Outfit details:  silk blouse from Stanley Market, vintage lace skirt from Etsy (A Fine Day for Sailing), Seychelles shoes


Sam said...

Love these pastel ice cream shades. I'm looking for a lace skirt myself to pair with breton stripes and leather.

Shall we meet up next week? :)


Norbyah said...

Oh thanks, Sam. I would love to catch up with you next week! I'll send you an SMS.

Unknown said...

this outfit is amazing! love the blush and all of the gold accessories. also swooning over those shoes. can I have them? :)

Lady à la Mode

Miss Minik said...

great outfit... Love the skirt and the shoes <3

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