Saturday, May 11, 2013

Photo shoot

On my normal Wednesday Stanley runaround, I happened upon a fashion photo shoot taking place in the plaza.

There were models, a person holding the big flash, a number of photographers (and their assistants) and extras.  It somehow reminded me of a road construction site from the Midwest.  Lots of people looking at one or two people doing all the work.

And it kind of made me giggle because only moments before, I'd had my mum help me with some outfit pics in a quiet alley in the market.  My own photo shoot of sorts.

Quite different from the big public space of the plaza and much less fuss.  No huge flash.  My mum as the photographer this time and Cally was her assistant.

I've come to think of these quiet alleys (I have a few that I use) as my own.  They are as much a part of what I feature here on this blog as anything else that is part of who I am.

This was only the second time using this spot between the belt man and the kids' art classes.  I like it because in between two covered alleys is this open corner with a shaft of light beaming down.

The only people who use this alley are locals.  It's off the beaten path for tourists.  And it's the best short cut.  There's something about the walls, too.  They're so weathered and full of character.  I wonder what people have used this back alley before me.

Little Cally modeled for the test shot.  I always do one to test the light and to help my photographer know what I want in the frame.

The outfit came from Vicandlily's Etsy shop.  I had a lovely meet up with her last week.  More on her in my upcoming series.  She'll have a stall set up this Sunday at Island East Market (Tong Chong Street, Taikoo Place) with Grassroots Pantry.  Go check out her shop! 


Unknown said...

Hahahah but that's the beauty of blogging and self-publishing right? :) Sometimes I feel the pressure of producing images that I think should be editorial-quality! But who am I kidding - I'm not a model! The boyfriend isn't a photographer, and together we're not an editorial team! :) Your images are great and clear and that's the most important thing! And ughh such a cute little girl!

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