Monday, May 27, 2013


A surprise black rain day made last week fly by! The hubby and I attended a super cool event on Friday night, but I'm still recuperating from the late night and a long weekend of HKD rehearsals. Our dance showcase begins tomorrow!

Here's a peek at my Instagrams last week. Follow along @imanorbyah

The big lizard that I try to avoid each day at lunch.  (Don't try to tell me he's cute).

This little cherub in my bed every night.  How can we kick her out?

Buddy rehearses with HKD for our showcase.

My #ootd for the event at Kapok channels the 90s.

Out with the hubby for Chai Wan Nites.

Pounding the pavement for Chai Wan Mei.

Buddy learned to tie a tie as part of his costume for the HKD showcase.

A #regram from our beach day last weekend.

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