Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting personal about my eyebrows

This post makes me a little uncomfortable and I'm feeling a little vulnerable.  All because I'm sharing a very close up picture of my awful eyebrows.   I've been insecure about my eyebrows since way back in high school, when I had really bushy ones.  When I went away to college, in the heyday of Beverly Hills 90210 and Shannon Doherty, I began plucking my eyebrows.  A lot.  Too much.

I have some hideous photos of me with really bad, pencil-thin eyebrows.  I also have some from high school when my eyebrows were heavy and not archy, like a much less glamorous version of Brooke Shields.  (Just have a look back at my prom picture from the previous post).

The result of all this over plucking (and subsequent waxing and threading) is that my eyebrows don't grow in evenly.  And, I'm really trying to grow them out.  But, then, thanks to an Instagram post by the lovely Jasmine Smith of Dress Me Blog, I discovered MAC's eyebrow make up (and liners).  I decided to give them a try.

With a bit of time to spare between a drop off and pick up for a kid birthday party, I went to the cosmetics counter at Lab Concept in Queensway Plaza.  There, the MAC lady showed me what they have and how to go about 'filling in' my brows with the liner and the eye make up.  I was thrilled with the finished product and will definitely be going back to make a purchase.

I'm such a sucker for make up.


Collections said...

omg love this! I need to try this. I'm a huge fan of Mac and I have a unibrow lol

Sam said...

what... I love your brows! I know that sounds awkward but I love strong brows more than those pencily thin ones. Yours are gorgeous and you should definitely highlight them on your face. :)

Ok lets meet up next week. This thunderstorm weather is really annoying me. Done.


Monique said...

I would love thick eye brows. You did a great job at filling them in. I'm kind of obsessed with thick ones. As you can imagine, mine are quite thin always have thin. My cousin used the Mac products to do mine when I visited her but I never bought the brush and powder to do it myself. I should try it out.

p.s. I hope to look as fabulous as you after this little one comes out!

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