Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rain, rain go away

Sorry, I have to mention the weather.  You see, we've had rain for three straight weeks.

I'm not expecting sympathy because I know about winter and snow and waiting for the first buds of spring flowers to pop through that hard barren ground left after the snow melts.

But I actually feel like that over here in Hong Kong lately.  No one can seem to talk about anything else except when we last saw the sun.

 It also leaves fewer options for outfit pic locations.

Forgive me if this color may seem outdated now that we've moved onto spring colors, but I just love the wine/burgundy/not quite oxblood tone of this dress.  It comes from one of my favorite blogger's shop (Steffy's Pros and Cons), and it even has pockets.  Perfect on every level.

And the jeweled collar necklace complimented it well, I thought.  I've loved these collar necklaces for so long, but hadn't found one that I liked (and could afford) until I stumbled across this one in....wait for it, Stanley!  

I'm so happy about having one that it even warrants a blog smile! 

If the angle on these pics looks a little different, it is.  My big girl was taking these for me because my usual photographer was not available (read: being a moody tweenager).

Outfit details: Tea and Tulips vintage dress, collar necklace from Stanley Market, H&M socks, Sam Edelman oxfords

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