Saturday, April 27, 2013

Over the moon

Or at least, over on Moon Street. If ever there was a neighborhood to explore on Hong Kong island, this is it.  There are so many neat little boutiques, restaurants and bars.  Such charm.  I almost felt transported to the West Village in Manhattan.

And I just love the street names: Moon Street, Star Street, Sun Street, Electric Street, and so on.

What was I doing here?  Saturday is usually a busy day of shuttling the girls back and forth to ballet.  I went into Wan chai to meet my vintage soul sister, Jackaline Tang, and go to Kapok on Sun Street for the Face Hunter book signing.  Yvan Rodic aka the Face Hunter is doing a world tour to promote his new book (more about that in another post to follow).

Actually, the hubby met up with us, too, so we were able to get him to take some pics of us together.  We've long been talking about doing a collab and you'd almost think we planned our outfits together. It was by pure coincidence that we showed up looking this coordinated!

And look how well the colors of the buildings on Moon Street compliment the colors in our outfits.  It was like the stars aligned.  I always have such fun when we hang out, too.  We both love vintage and are shamelessly addicted to Etsy and joke about our Etsy Anonymous confessions.  I've got a post about shopping on Etsy lined up for the near future.

After Jackie showed me a few other spots, we parted ways and the hubby and I ran errands in Causeway Bay.  

I know I've mentioned it before, but I love when Joey takes over the camera because he comes up with all the ideas for the shots.  He's always so supportive about this blog and I think it's had a good couple of weeks!  I'm so lucky to have him in my corner.

These crowd shots were an experiment and all his idea.  It's quite difficult (and we're both amateurs) to take moving crowd pictures.  You always end up focusing on something unintentional.  We did get some funny outtakes.  Some poor unsuspecting bald guy featured in one of them.

I'm so thankful for some of the experiences I've had in the last couple of weeks and I'm especially excited about some of the posts I've got lined up.  I hope you are, too.

Outfit details:  Collar necklace and silk blouse from Stanley Market, pleated vintage skirt from Etsy (A Fine Day for Sailing), Cooperative wedges from UO, A Pair and A Spare DIY cuff.


JETJAXX said... your style and love you ...your hubby rocks too!

Sam said...

It's awesome you have a husband who supports you and takes photos! I always feel bad for coercing friends into doing it for me. Btw I love that photo of you on the palette- very sweet!


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