Thursday, April 4, 2013

On Fiji Time

I know I've been slow with the posting (and apologized for it already, too).  I'm beginning to bore myself.  But, I'm enjoying some much needed down time.  As I said, returning from Fiji at 1am in the morning before having to work really took it's toll on me.

Then I think of a lovely Fijian phrase Senga Na Lenga or No worries!
So I thought I'd share some pictures from my latest trip to Fiji.

Some scenes of village life.

I was able to attend my friend James's wedding.  That was a real treat.

I caught up with old friends and made new friends, too.  Here are the lovely women who work on the HK committee, who prepare for our visit and take care of us while we're there.

I got to attend the local Cuvu district school and learn more about how they learn.  These little ones were taking a drawing break outside because it was too hot inside to stay focused on learning.

There are other ways to stay cool, though.  Here is Isoa, my friend To's youngest son, cooling off with the hose outside his neighbour's house.

And here I am with To.  She was really sweet the first time I met her in 2007.  She saw that I was struggling to be away from my little ones (I only had two then and they were little) and she reached out and comforted me. I'll never forget that.

Fijians love to share their culture.  We were treated to some traditional dances and songs.

I'd seen fire dancing before, but never at night.  It's a whole different experience at night.

The children of this village....they melt my heart.  Such big smiles.  So many hugs.  So much love to give.  Mary's smile called to me on our first day at her school.  It reminded me who she was.  She walked all the way home from school with me that day.

And then there's these three kids.  Ape (in yellow) and Maggie (in the middle) I met on my first trip.  Jua (in green) I met on my second.  I loved seeing how much they'd grown.

My host, Snake, holds a special place in my heart.  Everyone loves Snake.  And what's not to love? He's so warm and genuine.  His daily prayers at meal time so full of gratitude and his speeches so full of understanding about the relationship we have with his village.  His joyful laugh is contagious.   It's hard not to be instant friends with him (and his lovely family).

And so I lived here, in Rukurukulevu, as a villager for a week.  Part of one huge family.  Our interim trip left in tears, as we have done before, caught quite by surprise at how much these people can touch our hearts in such a short amount of time.  

Postlude:  The hubby did something amazing.  As a wonderful surprise, he booked a family vacation to Fiji.  We'll go on our Fall break.  I can't wait to take my family to meet my Fijian family.

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Unknown said...

what great pictures! it looks like a really magical and interesting place.

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