Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kapok and the Face Hunter

This little blog (and me) has had an exciting few weeks and I feel quite lucky.  I've met some really fun, creative people and reconnected with some of my Hong Kong blogger friends through some recent fashion-related events.

One such event was the Face Hunter book signing I attended at Kapok on Sun Street last weekend. 

Not only was I able to catch up with my vintage soul sister, Jackaline Tang, but I was also able to meet Yvan Rodic aka The Face Hunter.

The book signing was held as this really cool store, Kapok, which had everything from books, music, apparel and a really awesome sunglasses collection.  The hubby took a liking to quite a few pairs, noting especially that there was such a variety and so many that fit his face type.  I was keen on their bag collection, from the little clutches that resembled brown paper sacks to these knapsacks.

Did I mention that you can even get a good cup of coffee at Kapok? They have a barista and an espresso machine and a few little tables and chairs out in front of the store. Because the store is located on a quiet lane, it is an enjoyable place to sit for a bit.  Which leads me to the highlight of the whole afternoon, meeting the Face Hunter.

When we arrived at Kapok, the Face Hunter was already engaged in conversation with someone.  It seemed to be some kind of interview, so we decided to poke around the store and grab a cup of coffee to enjoy out in front of the store.  The weather was just perfect to be outside, and in Hong Kong, you take advantage of that when you can.  Shortly after we sat down, the Face Hunter and his interviewer stepped outside for some pictures.  What a lovely surprise we got when, on his way back inside, he asked if he could take our picture.  We got Face Hunted!

Possibly the nicest part of this experience was actually getting to chat with Yvan Rodic.  You see, he was in no rush to just sign your book and move on.  In fact, he sat at a little table and had a conversation with you.  I asked him about some of his experiences and he asked me about myself and my blog (I felt a little more prepared this time) as well as about life in Hong Kong.

Seriously, though, head to Kapok on Sun Street.  Explore this neighborhood.  I intend to go back.

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Brewed Together said...

Ooh those sunglasses look lovely. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

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