Monday, April 1, 2013


Still a little slow on posting, but now it's because it's Easter break. On my Instagram feed this week: egg hunts, reunions, new friends, etsy confessions, Easter, Andy Warhol and #stripes and #bunnies for the #ootd pics.

Stripes and yellow.  And favorite necklace of the moment (got a thing about this one #necklacechallenge).

So good to catch up with Kate. 

Her kids and mine hit it off immediately.

Met up with the lovely Jackaline @mandsandthensome for coffee and vintage-love sharing.

Natural egg dye with cumin and beetroot.

My little blue bunny vintage dress for Easter.

Star Ferry.  The kids loved it.

Andy Warhol - go and see his artwork if you ever have the opportunity!

My three little egg hunters.

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