Saturday, April 6, 2013

Down the lane

Rain be damned, having my hubby take outfit pics means shaking things up.

I relinquish a little control when he's behind the camera.  And that's a good thing.

We go on adventures.

Like this one.  We explored this little village lane behind the playground in Stanley.

And we enjoyed the gorgeous doors on all the homes along the lane.  

We found two homes that were mysteriously vacant (one of those was also really run down).

He makes me smile into the camera.  

I only suggested the close up picture so I could show the bird print on the skirt (a Stanley Market special).  Recognize it, Jackaline Tang?

All the rest is up to him.  And I don't mind.  He has very good ideas and exceptional taste (the Steve Madden boots were my Christmas gift).  And, I usually like the results.


Sam said...

Aw your husband is so sweet! I love that skirt with that print on you. :)


Unknown said...

Norbyah, you have great style! I love the use of leather on your outfit, the jacket and the belt. Your hairband gives some nostalgic vibe to the whole style.


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