Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Altered and new

I hate having to buy items of clothing for one specific purpose because then they inevitably sit in your closet waiting for another opportunity to be worn.  But sometimes this situation cannot be avoided.

Take this dress, for example.  I bought it in Stanley Market before I went to Fiji because I knew I needed some modest dresses and skirts to wear for the week (Fijian women dress very conservatively).

Aside from the function it would serve, I also loved the colors and the pattern.  But let's face it, how often would I be able to break this dress out to wear other than as a swimsuit cover up.  (Don't get me started on those; again one purpose).

Rather than send it to the Salvation Army (because I would need it again), I was inspired by the Redress HK campaign (and their collab with A Pair and a Spare) to breathe new life into otherwise unwanted garments.  

I took the dress to my trusty seamstress in Stanley, Jilly (who works at Master Wong in the plaza and is the lovely Mrs Wong).  She has been doing many little jobs for me; hemlines usually, but even shortening sleeves or removing them, cinching in waists, etc.  I wrote about this shop when I did the My Stanley series.

Lately, I've been asking her to do projects that are a little more involved.  You see, I have vision, but no skill.  If I tried to claim it as a DIY, it would be an out and out lie.

I asked her to cut off the top of the dress and turn it into a skirt.  And I'm really pleased with the results.  I'll still be able to wear it in Fiji the next time I go, but I will also get plenty of use for it here in Hong Kong, too.

Outfit details:  Repurposed skirt,  white T-shirt (like my Chinese grandfather wore) bought at a sundry shop in Malaysia, Saltwater Sandals, necklace gifted by Scarlett


Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with what you did - it makes it feel more modern and fun! And you can style it in so many different ways now! nicely done!

Lady à la Mode

Pardon My Fashion said...

Hellllll ya. Love a good upcycle project! Killer skirt, would have been so adorbz if there was enough fabric left for a matching crop top ;)


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