Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring is near

The last three days, we've been blessed with truly gorgeous spring weather.

The sun has been shining, the skies are blue, but the air is still cool.  

And mostly, the humidity is holding off.

Oh boy, I just realized.  I'm one of those bloggers that talks about the weather, but truth be told, I've always been obsessed with it.  

When we lived in Stanley, I used to walk around the corner from my house to see a huge digital clock on the beach, which would also display the temperature.  And, when we lived in Madison, I checked the weather religiously each day.  I guess when you live in a place where it can be so unpredictable and varied, it's part of planning your activities for the week.

Or here in Hong Kong, planning my outfits.  Today's outfit started with one piece.  The polka dot sweater.  I was browsing my blogs this morning when I saw what Caitie of Lady a la Mode was wearing.

It was one of those oh hey, I should pull out my sweater with polka dots since I haven't worn it in a while moments.  Do you ever have those?  

By the way, the hubby took these outfit pics.  New angles. And he gets me to smile.  I let him call the shots.  It's a nice change from time to time.

Outfit details:  sweater and pants from Hong Kong markets, Sam Edelman oxfords, locket from Brooklyn Charm


May said...

this post made me smile. first of all i love the photos that joe took! loving the angles and you look so beautiful. and the weather bit...made me realize i am obsessed with it. and youre right it's because we grew up in such tropical places with crazy climate changes.

miss you and love you norbyah! besitos :)

Unknown said...

love that sweater! I actually have it too, just in a darker color :) it looks great on you and glad my polka dot outfit the other day inspired you to take yours out!

Lady à la Mode

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