Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good to be back

Don't get me wrong.  My week in Fiji was amazing.  I love being there with the beautiful villagers who have become my friends.  I even got to attend a wedding this time and I have loads of pics to share.

Being back, however, is like having a brand new wardrobe.

Rediscovering some vintage gems in my closet, especially now that it's all organized.

Wearing jewelry again, along with other accessories.  (I kept it really simple in Fiji).

And something other than flip flops.

The scarf was a lovely gift from a friend who lead her interim in India.  She knows well what I like.

Little by little, I'm settling back in.  

Outfit details: Fancy treehouse dress (vintage), scarf from India (a gift), H&M socks, wedges from UO, Michael Kors watch


Unknown said...

adorable dress! I'm glad you are settling back into your normal routine.

Lady à la Mode

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