Monday, February 18, 2013


This was my Valentine's day outfit.

I know it's not pink and red, but given that it was also Chinese New Year last week and I'd already worn a lot of red, I thought it would be okay to give it a miss.

This outfit started with the skirt.  I found it at a great thrift shop called Me & Gee here in Hong Kong recommended to me by the lovely Geneva of A Pair and a Spare.  It's the closest thing we have to a thrifting experience here and I love it.

Polka dots go with practically everything.  And, if you haven't noticed, I kind of like polka dots (as evidenced by the frequent appearance of my black and white polka dot blouse here and here).

As I put this outfit together, I wanted to strike a balance between dressy and casual.  Whenever I wear one of my vintage pieces, I think about this because the vintage dresses, skirts and blouses that I own make me feel dressed up.

So, to achieve this balance, I wore my J Crew denim shirt, and the khaki green jacket.  Then to finish, I added some of my favorite gold bracelets and the feathery looking gold statement necklace.  The clutch is actually a Quicksilver purse the kiddos got me for Christmas.

I was really pleased that it actually looked the way I thought it would as I thinking of it.  Something about this combination made me think it was something that I'd see on Atlantic-Pacific except that she'd have sexier shoes on.  By the way, she is as stunning in real life.  And, even more petite that I thought (I walked by her in Brooklyn last summer).


Unknown said...

I love the mix of casual and dressy in your outfit, and I loooove polka dots, too!

Monique said...

This outfit is flawless I love everything about it, including the boots!

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