Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pink lace and polka dots

Funny story...

When I came downstairs for breakfast on Monday morning dressed in this outfit, my littles almost unanimously agreed it wasn't my best effort.  Um, mummy, you don't really match.  You always tell us to match and that doesn't really look good.  Even the hubby agreed with them.

It cracked me up.  They rarely speak their mind about my outfits.  I often get compliments from my girls  and sometimes the hubby offers his feedback, but never with this certainty. 

There are days when I agree, and tweak something (the shoes, a skirt, etc).

And then, on other days, I just go with my own choices.

Monday was one of those days.  I really liked pairing this American Apparel dress with my thrifted Club Monaco blouse.  

It's a good way to make a summer dress work for other seasons.

By the way, the humidity is back in Hong Kong.  In a fierce way.  Don't even get me started about how much product I had to use in my hair to keep it tame.


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