Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I knew her when...

One of the perks of being a teacher is getting to interact with amazingly talented kids.  From athletes to dancers, to philanthropists and in recent years musicians.

One such talent is Skibs, our rapper in residence, currently a high school senior.  This guy has talent and drive and he created quite a stir with his hit Hong Kong Kids.  I found myself defending him to random strangers at a fashion event in December.  It felt weird that total strangers could have strong opinions about a kid I know and see nearly daily at school.

Then there's Sarah Grace, who is already making her presence known on the music scene in LA, performing in places like The Whisky A Go Go, The Viper Room and The Mint.  I remember when I first encountered Sarah as a freshman at my school.  It was after school one day and one of our charity clubs was having a performance to raise money.  I wandered through our cafeteria to check it out when Sarah got on stage to sing a Pink cover.  I remember thinking, alright, I've got to hear this girl to see how well she sings because she has the same name as another famous Sarah who sings (who I listened to all through college).

My jaw dropped.  Here was this little freshman girl with a voice like Adele's belting out a song like nobody's business.  Then three years later, I had the pleasure of teaching her and getting to know this sweet girl.

Why am I writing all this on my blog?  Well, it's simple.  She's releasing her debut single Spirit this month.  She's moved on from performing covers to writing her own songs and releasing videos.  You can learn more about her on her website.  And, don't just take my word, listen for yourself as she performs a cover of Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang.

I wouldn't dare try to stake my claim at having an influence on her as her teacher and try to take credit for her accomplishments because I know it's simply not true.  But I do feel pretty darn lucky to know her and to have been her teacher.  And, I'm so proud of what she's already accomplished.

p.s. Have you seen this awesome frisbee trick shot video? Yep, I know him, too.


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