Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CNY #ootd

Wear red.

Accessorize with gold.

Spend the day with family, doing what you'd like to do for the rest of the year.

So, I did.  

The hardware shop in Stanley was closed, with the traditional red and gold greetings posted for CNY.  Fuk means good fortune, blessings and happiness.  The happiness comes as a result of being lucky, so it is a good luck wish.

The hardware shop is right next to Scarlett's shop.  What a lovely morning we spent with her.  She's amazing.

And, I am unusually smiley in all these pics.  (Some inside jokes between me and my mum who was taking them.  She had cut off my toes in her first few attempts).  

But, I do have reason to smile.  Notice anything new on my blog?  I got an email from the lovely Jessica, the editor of Be in Style and part of that blogging community saying she'd like to recognize my blog with an Editor's pick award.  I'm so honored.


Sam said...

Happy chinese new year!!! In Jordan all the shops have those signs now- I'm waiting for them to get off their holiday (I know, terrible!) because I wanna go outside and browse the little shops. I'm gonna go to the flower market today- hopefully something will be open!


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