Friday, February 15, 2013


If you've been stopping by my blog over the last few days, you may have noticed things looking a little different as I've experimented with templates, wallpaper and blog headers.  I've been wanting to design a new blog header for some time.

First attempt

So, with a little time this week that we're off, I did some browsing online.  I stumbled onto this blog entry, with a tutorial for creating a new blog header using Pic Monkey.

Second attempt

I loved that it was simple to use, similar to the Pic Frame or Pic Stitch app for iPhones.  There were many options of frames, fonts, effects, swatches, etc.  And, I didn't have to learn how to use Photoshop to create a custom blog header. (Not that I'm opposed to it, but it just takes more time).

Third attempt

I solicited help from a couple of friends, my artsy sister and of course, the hubby. They all gave me valuable feedback.  The hubby and my sister both told me that I should have a scarf pic, since that is my signature look.  They all agreed that I should have a detail pic. And, my good friend Emily suggested the legs pic to add dimension along with the trees.  

Fourth attempt

My friend Rob, a self-professed graphic design nerd, gave me his honest opinion (as only a friend can), and taught me a great deal about many design related things, but mostly font.  At his suggestion, that my style doesn't really match 'grunge typewriter' font, I made a change and chose the one you see.  Who knew so much could be said with a font?

Fifth attempt

So, with this all these changes on my blog, I decided to purchase my domain name to make it complete.  From now on, I will be, which is really kind of cool.  

I hope you like this new look.  I'll still be the same Norbyah.  I just look a little different.


Unknown said...


This post came at JUST the right time. I am so so so thankfuul to you for posting all of your attempts, because it really shows the thought process and how you progressed through options.

This is such a well written post, and the analysis of each header is so increidlby helpful for all of us looking for a redesign. I am definitely going to go to that website and see what I can come up with.

You're so lucky you have so many people to give you such INSIGHTFUL input! Those aren't nod-and-smilers - those are serious, invested friends. So great.

Love love love the idea of matching the dimensions of the legs with that of the branches.

I just love everything here. I really appreciate posts like this one. They take a lot of thought and time, so thank you thank you thank you.


Unknown said...

I like the new layout, it looks clean and pretty <3 Happy weekend!

May said...

i adore the new look! so pretty and perfect

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