Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday season

Four of five birthdays in our family happen in the course of three months: December, January and February.  Throw in Christmas and that's a busy three months!  As soon as one birthday party is over, I have no time to spare before organizing the next.

Ours is the same day.

Yes, yes.  I know.  Why did we plan it this way?  Well, in as much as you can plan for births of babies, ours were all born three years and one month apart from each other (oldest to youngest).  Remarkable, eh?

A Malaysian birthday.

But, despite the chaos, I kind of like it.  I've noticed that our kiddos get so excited for each other on their birthdays.  Not only because they know they don't have to wait very long for their own birthday, but also because they know how exciting it is to be the one whose birthday it is.  In anticipation of birthday season, they chit chat with each other about ideas for their parties, how they want their cupcakes, who they'll invite and what they'll eat at our birthday restaurant.

Last birthday of the season.

It's their shared experience, back to back to back.  And it has created a special bond between them.


Monique said...

So awesome they are happy for each other. It's so great to have so many celebrations back to back! My sister and I are three years apart I'm younger and she always cried when it was my birthday because it wasn't hers. Mine is in April hers in January . We have many photos year after year of me cutting my cake and her crying or frowning. So great your children are so supportive of one another!

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