Thursday, February 28, 2013

A kiss for my pocket

Every morning, little Cally and I have a special way that we say goodbye.

You see, with little ones, saying goodbye in the morning can be hard.  

I remember way back when my big boy went through a phase of not wanting me to leave him at daycare.  We had a system of beeps.  He'd ask for a certain number of beeps on the horn, run to the window and wait for me to pull out of the driveway and listen for them.

It's been different for the girls mostly because instead of being dropped off at daycare, they stay home.   We start with the usual kiss goodbye.  Cally is a funny one because depending on the day, she will either allow me to kiss her on the lips (so she can wear my lippy), or tell me to kiss her cheek or head.

The most important part of our goodbye is to blow her a kiss for her pocket while she blows me one for mine.  This way, we can save it for later.

I started the kiss for my pocket with Ella when she was little.  I used to tell her to save it for when she needed it and I wasn't there.  It was and still is a way for the goodbyes to go on with fewer tears.  And lots more smiles and silliness.

Cally's little twist every morning is to call out at me when I'm heading down the stairs to the street, I'll draw a picture for you and Daddy today!

By the way, I decided that I would post a story with unrelated images today.  Sorry if that bothers you, I just didn't want to always be talking about my clothes.  I will, however, mention that this lovely vintage skirt comes from House of Maryanne Vintage, a gorgeous vintage clothing shop owned by Maryanne Moodie.  I've got another post lined up to tell you more about that.


Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Aww, this was a sweet story! I love the print and colors of your skirt looks great with the jacket.

Monique said...

what a sweet exchange between you and your little girl! Your skirt is awesome.

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