Thursday, January 3, 2013

Turning 7 is a big deal

Just ask my big girl. When she woke up, she was convinced she'd grown taller. Upon further examination (a long time looking in the mirror while brushing her teeth) she was disappointed to note that she didn't look so different. I told her that as she got older, she'd be thankful of that.

We had a busy day swimming, visiting the science museum, getting frozen yogurt and having dinner with friends (complete with surprise ice cream cake).

Many times today, through her sweet smile, she proclaimed that 'this was the best day ever.'

I feel so lucky to be this girl's mother, especially today.


Alma Boheme said...

That is a lovely picture! I love that age. May she never lose her sense in wonderment.

kerrin said...

such a lovely blog! let's follow each other! x

Unknown said...

awww such a sweet little girl you have! happy birthday to her! I remember doing the same when I was little and also I remember I used to wake up every morning and ask my mom if it was my birthday :) I'm sure it got pretty annoying after a few years!

Lady à la Mode

Putri said...

Happy Birthday Ellsybells! Such a sweetie pie, I'm so happy that she had the best day ever for her 7th birthday. Only wish I could have been with you guys. Love you so much.

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