Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another day, another dress

Is my style getting predictable?

I can't help it.  I really love vintage dresses.

And given the cooler weather, I'm left with only a few options for staying warm.

Tights and a jacket (my little leather one) are on repeat these days.

Maybe Spring needs to come along so I can change things up a bit. Lucky for me, this linen dress will transition nicely into the next season. Though I'm not really ready for that change yet.  It will be sticky and humid before we know it.

Please note: I'm working on looking into the camera and not always looking down.  (Some feedback from the hubby).  What I need to do now is figure out away of smiling without looking weird.  

Any tips?

Outfit details: Etsy dress (GirlLeastLikely),  belt and necklace from Stanley Market, Dolce Vita boots

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