Thursday, December 13, 2012

Think pink

So, my laptop was on the fritz.  Then our internet at home died.

It's quite unsettling to know just how dependent on both I am.  I couldn't do anything.  And I don't just mean checking Facebook and reading blogs.  I couldn't grade the papers for class (they're all in a dropbox) or check email or even access my gradebook.  

And, while I was lucky enough to get a loaner laptop while they fixed mine, using it felt a bit like living in a serviced apartment.  Nothing was where it should be, and I couldn't really do anything permanent (like save a document or upload pictures into my iPhoto library).

It has allowed me to get to this one last set of pictures from nearly two months ago.  I'd had them loaded in my queue of posts to publish.

The pink dress from Fancy Treehouse feels more like a spring or summer frock, but styled with my oxblood cashmere cardigan, it can work for fall.

Actually, my cardigan is not a new purchase.  It was on trend last season, too.  But back then it was just a burgundy colored cardigan.  I love that this color is still hot.

I sent my big girl off to school in tights this color, and I told her that the color was oxblood.  She was so funny, going around telling everyone that day that her tights were oxblood.

There, I'm nearly caught up! I've got lots of exciting things to blog about, now.  A couple of fashion related events that I was fortunate enough to attend - a book launch for Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair and a Spare and last night an HK Fashion bloggers event with Redress a local NGO.

And, even more exciting....tomorrow, my family starts trickling in for Christmas.  I'll be able to get my hands on my sweet niece and nephew in just over 24 hours!

Outfit details: pink polkadot dress from Fancy Treehouse, necklace and earrings from Stanley Market, cashmere cardigan also from Stanley Market, Sam Edelman boots, American Apparel belt


Unknown said...

I'm sorry about your computer fiasco! Isn't it scary to think how much our lives depend on computers and the internet now? It's sometimes nice to not connect because life does go on (shocker, I know!). Anyways, love how you styled up this dress for Fall. And you're right- it definitely works for Fall with that cardi!

Lady à la Mode

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