Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday spirit

Christmas really is my favorite holiday.  (Have I said this?)

This year, I've been adding little details to my outfits to show my holiday spirit.  From a red bow in my hair, or the holly broach to my emerald earrings.  

I'm just filled with holiday spirit.

Here was the outfit I wore when we took the kids to see Santa.  While I didn't have any of the little extras on that day, I still felt very Christmas-y because of the color of my sweater and the holly like flowers in my dress.

I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve!  I can't wait for tomorrow.

A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Outfit details:  Vintage dress, cashmere sweater from Stanley Market, locket from Brooklyn Charm, Sam Edelman boots and Michael Kors watch


emily said...

merry christmas! i miss you and love you. all of you.

Unknown said...

This maybe my new fave look of yours! such a wonderful outfit - and very holiday-esque but not in a tacky way or anything! that family photo is too cute, too! I hope you have the best holiday!

Lady à la Mode

five stones vintage said...

a late merry christmas to you!

(i can't help but notice that your girls have on saltwater sandals! THE CUTEST THINGS.)

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